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In Real-World Trade-Off, Consumers Prefer Targeted, Relevant Online Advertising

New Research Reveals Consumers' Attitudes toward Behavioral Targeting are more Complex than Indicated in Past Research

PreferenceCentral has conducted the first study to have consumers state their preferences for tailored online advertising within the context of real-world, value-for-value, economic trade-offs. This methodology enhances the credibility of their responses and their value for informed and balanced discourse. In contrast, prior research on this topic, which asked simple, single-option questions has, at best, provided an incomplete, if not misleading, view of consumers' real-world perspectives on online advertising.

Adhering to this more realistic and accurate methodology, PreferenceCentral has discovered that Internet users are more likely to prefer targeted online ads when they are asked to make real-world, value-for-value trade-offs, such as free access to Internet content. The ground-breaking research also shows that attitudes and preferences significantly shift when consumers are provided with education about behavioral targeting or when they can control targeted ad exposure.